Friday, November 02, 2007


Double Happiness

good music, i also like to play keyboard. and i also like to draw like here in this website art comic
good work Marisa..I like your art of playing keyboard..Music is my life.Nice job..

Rohit Gogia
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* 您好﹗我從事繪畫工作﹐"雨林画室" 來自馬來西亞﹐敬请联络﹐謝謝!
* Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Tee, I am a Malaysian artist. Welcome to visit my website and let's keep in touch. Thank you!

我的美术作品 My Artworks (since 1993):
1) 紋身圖案設計..................* Tattoo art custome make design.
2) 網站商標設計..................* Web logo design.
3) 廣告插圖........................* Advertising visual and illustration.
4) 卡通和漫畫人物設計.........* Cartoon character design and caricature.
5) 兒童读物插圖..................* Illustration for children book and magazine.
6) 多媒體教育動畫...............* Cartoon animation for educational courseware/interactive CD.
7) 其他美術設計等等............* Miscellaneous artworks.

绘画工具 Art working tools :
1) 手绘 Manual / Freehand drawing : ...Pencil, ballpen, 'Artline' and colour marker pen, acrylic paint, watercolour and poster colour etc.
2) 电脑软件 Computer software : .........Adobe Photoshop (for CG colouring) + Adobe Flash (for animated artwork)

敬请联络 Contact Me :
手机 mobile : 012-2791328 (Tee)
电邮 email :
网址 website :
地点 location : Bandar Puchong Jaya. Selangor (near Puchong IOI Mall)
Blog is exceptional only forward! We wish you all the best in the future and thus be exceptional!

Hey that was kinda kool stuff..

Boise Homes
Your effort worth an ice cream.Chech my updated blog
well, it's good. but i prefer guitar. i love it...
I love piano and guitar too. I both like its sound. so cool..
Good job!
Great! How can do that, can you tell me how to make it ?

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This is nice. Good work
Thanks for sharing this formation. Valuable.

Nice post about "HipHop Blogs"! enjoyed reading it…

Great information put together well.

live tv
good job Marisa i just loved it!
ley de atraccion
I love art, come and check out my blog
to see cartoons and drawings.
Bon dia.

Volem fer-vos arribar l'interès que tenim amb un nou projecte.

És tracta d’una pàgina web, on tothom que vulgui hi pot enviar fotografies dels
treballs, obres d’art, en qualsevol de les seves expressions,on hi
quedaran exposades després de passar la valoració del l’equip. L'interès només és de
treure a la llum tants i tants artistes amagats.

Si en sabeu d'algun només cal que l’animeu a que hi participi.

La pàgina en qüestió és diu L'ART PER L'ART esta en construcció però ja es pot visitar.
Ens agradaria molt la vostra coL·laboració i participació.


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